XL Group is the trusted performance partner of some of the world’s largest companies, and has been for nearly 30 years. We were founded on the premise that performance can be unlocked through effectively designed business process combined with the proper application of technology. We help companies navigate an ever-expanding digital landscape, and advocate practical solutions that close performance gaps in their business ecosystems.

“We practice a unique and extreme form of accountability and transparency that we have rarely seen in any organization. We created a process called XLerating that is daily reinforcement of the core principles of performance.  The process of XLerating documents and measures every customer expectation to which we agree.  Keeping promises to ourselves and our customers is at the core of our culture.  We are culturally driven to provide the best service available.  To excel today means we must plan to do better tomorrow, and that’s how you win with XL.”

                                                                                                       – Paul Schmucker, President

Our Mission


Our Tool Belt

Our mission is to help individuals and companies evolve their performance capabilities with better habits, better processes, and better digital tools. We believe that deep knowledge acquisition is a prerequisite for effective action, and we strive to find your Performance Truth.

XL Group has an adaptive team of Performance Professionals. Here are examples of technology solutions that we have applied to help our clients retain consumers, grow revenue, enhance adaptability and achieve responsiveness.

Improving performance requires making the path to success visible. Our XLerator Platform captures the interconnected stories that affect your business, revealing your Performance Truth. Using this knowledge-first company model we deliver strategies that minimize disruption, maximize value, and fully address your performance and ROI needs.

Our solutions are the product of a deep understanding of the stories that define a business challenge or opportunity. Through the XLerator, our Performance Professionals are able to architect technology solutions tailored for your current business needs, yet primed for future adaptation.

We introduce our solutions into your ecosystem with care and caution. We know our partners need to continue with business as usual while pushing themselves to evolve. We relieve the stress of change through transparent and expertly coordinated implementation services. Our XLerator platform allows our teams to work in concert to provide seamless transitions.

People, markets, economies,
and technology all change. XL is always mindful of the evolving Activity Stories in an environment, so we’re always ready to iterate a strategy to meet a new challenge or opportunity. We keep our partners positioned for ongoing adaptation and continued success.

The XLerator Process

Performance improvement begins with a deep understanding of the mechanics of performance at the individual level. Every action taken by every member of a team is a story. Companies are Anthologies of their employees’ moment to moment activities. These stories define the performance of a company. Digital tools need to be architected around these stories so they are an extension of the individual people using them, as well as an extension of company goals. Good things happen when people like their tools.

We created the XLerator methodology and digital platform to fully understand our own Anthology and to create a business ecosystem that encourages and enables our collective performance habits. We are able to help our partners find their performance truth because we have invested in finding our own. The outcome is that we’ve made our work visible, making it easy to rally around client needs and easy for clients to see how our efforts drive their results.

  • Business Intelligence
  • Responsive Website Development
  • Custom Cloud Applications
  • Custom Mobile Applications
  • Data Management & Analysis




  • Data Warehouse Design & Deployment
  • Salesforce Automation (SFA)
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Learning Management Systems (LMS)
  • Incentive & Recognition Program Systems



  • Platform/Product Consulting
  • Big Data Services (XLBigData)
  • Sample Accountability (ClaritySM)
  • Productivity Management Solutions
  • Graphic Design and UI/UX



Fortune 100 Global Auto Manufacturer


Our partner sought a way to more effectively measure the learning and development of their workforce. Their activity stories revealed that their testing system was not user friendly or timely; as a result, users waited weeks to receive their scores. We designed and deployed a system conforming to their Global IT standards, providing flexibility for a multinational deployment, and focused on supporting the ongoing improvement of the learning process. Our web application provided a seamless user experience and vastly improved information for administrators.


After implementation, our client saw a massive increase in workforce participation:

• Over 10,000 tests completed every day

• Tests available in 24 languages

• 120,000 users in over 40 countries on every populated continent


We’ve been helping them evolve the platform ever since maintaining the growth they’ve enjoyed from a high performing workforce.



Fortune 500 Auto Parts Company


With over 1,500 reps across many channels with varied reporting structures from several thousand store locations, complexity was obscuring our partner’s performance.  They needed us to find their Performance Truth. Sales reps had no shared repository for sales and customer information to be used to shape informed selling strategies. Sales force managers had no central source of activity and sales reports to monitor teams and guide effective selling behaviors.  Senior managers were unable to measure the return from the activities of their teams, or determine if resources were deployed efficiently.


We performed user experience studies to determine the best fit for each sales group.  The application had to offer customized functionality for each group, while maintaining continuity of aggregated reporting at various levels. Prototypes were shared with the project sponsors and user base to allow for iterative feedback and unified buy-in.  XL then designed and executed a nationwide rollout of an SFA/CRM solution.


The results?

XL removed silos and fractures in the information channels.  Sales teams could now report critical info and view reports necessary to grow business.  Managers had visibility to all tools and reports in an organized, consolidated platform. To facilitate the desired reporting, XL built a data warehouse that processes external data sources in addition to the information collected in the SFA/CRM solution.


The ROI?

• 90%+ daily application usage in the field

• Salesforce reorganization informed by new data provided in the application

• 5 years of profitability and revenue growth since implementation


Other wins:

• Real-time visibility into the activities of over 1,500 sales reps

• 70+ Web-enabled reports available to the field, ad hoc reports on demand

• Profile information immediately available for 978,000 customers

• Next-day access to 110 million transactions via Point of Sale

• Mobile access to key functionality



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